Monday, March 5, 2012


I could find out in the next 5 minutes or in the next 5 days.  This whole sitting on my hands not being able to do anything this starting to get to me.  I just want to know!  I'm poured my heart and soul into this and there is nothing else I can see myself doing.  I walked through the vet school and got excited and everything I saw.  All I could think about when seeing the vet students was, "that's so cool, that could be me one day! Oh wow, look at that, I wish I could do that"  And so on and so fourth.

I hope dreams really do come true.  I will make it worth while if they'll have me.  Just trying to make my passion a reality.

Time to take a step back from the rest of life, determine my priorities and focus on my future.  If I doing what I'm meant to do I truly believe the rest will fall into place.

I need to work on Lent more.  This season should be helping me grow, not question half the things I'm doing!

Live, love, and let go.


Paz y bien.

VMRCVM, I gave that interview all I had, I hope you'll have me!

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