Thursday, March 29, 2012


I know right from wrong.  I still make mistakes.  Sometimes my emotions get the better of me.  I'm a rational person, but I still make irrational decisions regularly.

Making the right decisions, healthy decisions, are often the hardest.  When something feels so right how could it be wrong?  But, then the more I think about it, the more messed up it seems.  There is nothing ok with this situation.  There was nothing ok with this situation before.  But, I don't want space, I want you, I know I need space, but part of me is also convinced I need you.  This is ridiculous.  And I'm afraid it's only going to get worse from here :/

I'm trying to be optimistic, but I'm starting to feel like this is a ticking time bomb bound to explode at any second.  Secrets don't last around here.  And college can be cruel.

Time to slow things down.  Separate my life.  And figure things out.  If stuff is ever going to work in the future, being careful now is essential.

Lord help me with this one, I can't do it on my own...

5 more weeks til the end of the semester!

6 weeks til graduation and a much needed escape for summer.

"This is my temporary home..."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thought Catalog

Such a refreshing article.  And it's right!  We're exactly where we're supposed to be.  Don't sweat the small stuff, this is our time, let your voice be heard.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Friend

I give up.  This has gotten so far past complicated it's almost silly.  But at the same time, as hard as this all is, it's the first time I've been really happy in awhile.  It's so nice to be at peace.

I miss my best friend. Why can't life be as simple as following your heart?

I believe in fate, and I believe in the Lord.  If the two come together in agreement I truly believe that one day this will all work out.  I really hope so, because I can't imagine life any other way.

Always in my prayers, even when it makes me beyond frustrated and upset.

Another rambling of nonsense, praise God no one actually reads this.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I've been officially accepted as a member of the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine!  Woohooo!  Dreams do come true.  I'm so excited.

It's been really surreal and awesome to finally have an opportunity to experience what I've worked so hard to achieve.  I'm in.  Praise God.  I never have to do that application again!

Aside from that I need to keep myself on a shorter leash.  My social life seems to have a mind of its own lately and I keep ending up in quirky situations.  I just need to start avoiding them all together.  It'll make life better for us all.

Hangin' in there.  I just need to chug through biochem and ethology and I'll be good to go.

Never give up.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I could find out in the next 5 minutes or in the next 5 days.  This whole sitting on my hands not being able to do anything this starting to get to me.  I just want to know!  I'm poured my heart and soul into this and there is nothing else I can see myself doing.  I walked through the vet school and got excited and everything I saw.  All I could think about when seeing the vet students was, "that's so cool, that could be me one day! Oh wow, look at that, I wish I could do that"  And so on and so fourth.

I hope dreams really do come true.  I will make it worth while if they'll have me.  Just trying to make my passion a reality.

Time to take a step back from the rest of life, determine my priorities and focus on my future.  If I doing what I'm meant to do I truly believe the rest will fall into place.

I need to work on Lent more.  This season should be helping me grow, not question half the things I'm doing!

Live, love, and let go.


Paz y bien.

VMRCVM, I gave that interview all I had, I hope you'll have me!