Friday, February 24, 2012

I got this.

What a week.  Three exams and the ever continuing drama... well continued.  But, I'm pleased to say I'm in a good place.  Yes, I bombed an exam, but I at least think I did well on my one this morning, and yes, the drama is getting ridiculous, but I think this may actually almost be the end of it.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I also have my Vet School at VMRCVM this upcoming Friday and I'm surprisingly excited.  Terrified, of course, but I'm in a strange way really looking forward to it.  I feel like interviews play toward my strengths and hopefully my passion and excitement for veterinary medicine can shine through.  It's also comforting to know, that within the next three weeks, no matter what happens, I will know what I am doing next year with my life.  I've been waiting since October 1st when I submitted my application to hear that news.  I'm praying my dreams will come true and I'll get the opportunity I've always dreamed of and get to go, but I also realize at this point I just need to be myself, and let go and trust God that I will end up where I'm meant to be.

I have this overwhelming sense of peace lately with things.  I've made a lot of mistakes lately, but they all brought me to where I am today.  Every decision I made taught me something, about myself, about other people, about who I want to be.  I wouldn't take anything back.  Life is about taking chances.  Risks can bring rewards.

The opposite of faith isn't doubt, it's fear.

Also, Happy Lent!  It seems odd to say but this is always beautiful season in my eyes.  It's an opportunity to cleanse ourselves and make a fresh start.

As Fr. John said, "We all need the season of Lent, none of us are such saints that we go to bed at night and glow."

Paz y bein.

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