Friday, March 15, 2013


Oh hey there!  Its been awhile.  But I think I'm back for a bit.

There is something about watching a really good father with his kids that gives me a little more faith in humanity.

Every once in awhile I'm lucky enough to get to spectate one of my favorite relationships, when it's done right, the bond between small kids and their dad.  Dad is the hero, he has no flaws, he's the epitome of awesome. He's also the enforcer, but you would never want to do anything to disappoint him because he's the one person you never want to let down.  My Dad was my hero when I was little, and he still is today.  He was my protection, my inspiration, and showed me how a man should respect and treat women he loves.  He set the bar high for every other boy who would ever walk into my life, and he taught me never to settle.  The bond between a father and a daughter is a special one, especially when it's done right.

Today I walked into Panera to grab some lunch and do a little last minute cramming for my afternoon exam.   There was a father with his two daughters in front of me in line, one looked to be around 2 and the other a little over 3.  Absolutely beautiful and very well behaved little girls.  I loved watching them interact.  He adored them, and it was evident in their every interaction, and they worshiped him, he was Dad after all.  Gentle, supporting, and loving.

Little reminders like these just go to show me there are good guys still out there.  Men who will make great fathers, amazing role models, and supportive loving husbands.

Being in your early twenties is a funny age.  We're all over the place.  Some friends are getting married, some already are, some are starting to plan families, some already have two kids, or... some of us, are happily single, pursing our own personal dreams.  It seems thought no matter what path your on, you always stare wistfully at where someone else's life and "wonder what it would be like" to be there.  I personally can't imagine being married or having kids right now, but I have friends who can't imagine their lives any other way.

At this point, I'm just trying to look for the good in everyday, count my blessings twice and never take anything for granted.

Continue to look for the little joys in life that bring a smile to your face :)

Have a beautiful day! Paz y Bien.

- Kari