Monday, April 30, 2012

Next step...

Theodore Roosevelt—soldier, explorer, president—once remarked, "It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."

So good:

When you choose to be great you think less about the reasons why not and you think more about the plan for how.
When you truly believe you will be great you think less about what you don’t have and you think more about what you must create.
When you truly believe that that you shall not fail you think less about your weaknesses and you think more about what skills you need to learn and develop.
When you choose to be great you concern yourself less with your successes and you think more about what you can do to help others succeed.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sick of it

I'm so tried of being hurt.  I'm also sick of putting faith in people and perpetually being let down.  Maybe having no expectations means you never have disappointment.  I'm not trying to pity party or be unreasonable.  I'm just kind of being impressed by the level of inconsiderateness I've seen lately.  I try to be thoughtful in my decisions why are other people incapable to do so too?

My heart just hurts after this week.  I want to have faith but I'm feeling so discouraged right now.  Trying to direct my attention to more positive outlets.  The right person is out there and will make you as much of a priority as you make them.

Never give up hope.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Is sorry always enough?  Does saying "sorry" excuse inexcusable behavior?  I'm stuck on this one.  Forgiveness is key.  Yes.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  But, I'm not going to forget.  I'm sick of being hurt, and hearing someone say "Oh I'm sorry,"  then forgiving them and moving on to simply get hurt in the same way by the same person again.  It's this silly cycle that seems to be on repeat.  I'm kinda over it.

Key to success?  Surround yourself with good people.  Then you avoid this situation all together!

God put good people in our lives, it's our job is to find 'em!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

J.J. Stinson

In loving memory of a young man who made the world and everyone and everything in it his friend.

"But fear is not enough to destroy an honest heart" -J.J. Stinson

Ask questions.  Challenge thought.  And love and accept everyone.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

No one...

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt

So glad I don't feel inferior in this situation.  Life has a funny way of working itself out and irony never ceases to amaze me.  I feel like this whole situation will be laughable in a few months.  I honestly wish the best of luck to you.

"You're not good enough for me" - oh really now?  Well, the feeling is currently mutual.  I want to find someone who cherishes me for who and what I am.  And I want to be able to do the same thing for them.  I'm not terribly concerned about it.

Best wishes and God Bless.

So excited to enjoy the rest of this year drama free!  Should be a lot of fun.  Time to do me and I can't wait.  And more time to devote to my friends, beautiful growing family and of course Lily!  All the things that bring joy and happiness into my life.  I feel so blessed to have such a great support network.

Also, prayers go out to J.J. Stinson's family and friends.  In loving memory of J.J., a beautiful heart that never stopped giving or looking for the potential in others.  A true living inspiration who was loved and cherished by many.  I feel blessed and honored to have known him and called him a friend.

Also, prayers for all the victims and survivors of April 16th, 2007.  We are Hokies and we will prevail.  Live for 32 and neVer forgeT.  So blessed to call this university home and I am so excited to stay here for another 4 years.  God Bless the Hokies.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Why are you making someone your everything when they are only making you an option.  It's a waste of everyone's time.

They're afraid to "lose you".  But are they?  If they were wouldn't they be pursuing you right now?  Yes.  They are afraid of losing the back up option.  If you're not a priority why would you stick around.  You're investing yourself in something that doesn't really matter to the other person.  Be a priority, you deserve unconditional love.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

He is risen!  I love Easter.  And it's a beautiful day out.  SO blessed to have my parents in town to celebrate.  I love my family.

Quote from a friend: "it's not up to me anymore. if you want me in your life, you'll find a way to put me there" - Carly 

"Disappointments are just God's way of saying, "I've got something better." So be patient, have faith and live your life"

Cheers to Joy and new opportunities. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

She's as pretty as a picture...

"...every bit as funny as she is smart"

Life is what you make it.  Why shoot for sub-par when you want to hang around the stars?  My parents came to visit this weekend and I learned a lot about myself.  Not necessarily from them, or even from anything they said.  Just from how I felt and acted around them.  It reminded me of who I was before I came into college.  The girl I used to be happy with, and love being.  First, I'm an independent and beautiful young woman.  I've been letting myself be ok with things I shouldn't be ok with.  I want to be pursued.  Why am I attempting to chase people who don't want me?  That's just stupid.  I'd be settling even if I convinced them to be with me.  I want to be with a person who wants me as much as I want them.  There are plenty of WONDERFUL people who have been paying attention to me.  I've been ignoring them because in my brain I have some issue with someone actually liking me.  It doesn't make sense.  I guess I convince myself that they must be crazy and decide to try to pursue the next jerk.  Ridiculous.  Also, I've come to realize (again) that freedom is an absolutely beautiful thing.  We don't always need to be in a relationship, or even dating or talking to someone.  Sometimes, just learning about ourselves and taking time to be alone is the healthiest thing in the world.  It's a beautiful thing to actually know who you are.  So many 20 year olds I know don't, heck, I'm not even sure if I really know myself that well.  Sometimes I find myself making decisions or thinking things even I don't understand.  Cherish the moments that make you smile, enjoy your independence, and remember to pursue your dreams, if you do, everything else will fall into place.  God always has a plan.  Sometimes we just need to trust him a little more.

"just as free, free as we'll ever be."

Sunday, April 1, 2012


"What a beautiful mess I'm in"

Only it's not feeling so beautiful right now.  I'm starting to feel like I need to stop this, stat, I feel like I'm not respecting myself or other people by letting this one go.  To put my foot down or continue pretending I'm happy with the situation?  I'm using "happy" loosely here.  Shall I say, "ok" with the situation.  Maybe complacent is a better term... either way this sucks.

HUGE Ethology exam tomorrow.  Off to study.  Trying to keep a positive attitude.  Hey, I'm going to Vet School, life is good.

Peace & Blessings.