Saturday, February 11, 2012

He's Just Not That Into You

I LOVE this book.  So true.  It does a great job of giving the common over thinking woman a kick in the butt and a huge confidence boost.  I love it.

It works too.  Ladies, we deserve respect.  We also need to be respectful ourselves as well.

I tested out one of his points the other day dt.  I was leaving and the gentleman I was talking to said, "hey do you want my number?  You can text me later if you want to hang out."

My HJNTIY response, "Um, well you can have my number and text me if you'd like to hang out later."

Him: "Ohh, sorry, yea my phone is actually dead."
Me: "Well then so are your chances at getting my number, but have a lovely rest of your evening!"

I smiled politely and turned and walked away.  As the book so kindly states, a man shouldn't make a woman he's interested in do his dirty work.  If he is, he's just not that into you!

As I was walking away across the bar to leave he pushed through people and ran after me.  Then said, "Hey, I'm sorry (pulled out his fully functioning phone), Can I PLEASE get your number?"

After feeling incredibly victorious, I obliged and gave the guy my number (I did not get his on purpose) and I walked away.  Not only did he talk to me later that night (I decided not to meet up with him), he continued to try to talk to me the day after and so on.  We're friends now, and it's nice to know that he actually put some effort into trying to get to know me, and I never felt like I was throwing myself at him.  What a great confidence builder!

Ladies, I'm simply sharing this to help prove a point.  You. are. beautiful.  And you deserve to be pursued!  If a gentleman isn't putting fourth effort to get to know you, he's probably just not that into you.  And that's ok!  There are thousands of other young men in this world who are, and who would be more than willing to treat you like the amazing young woman you are.

I digress.

Ladies, stay classy and fabulous and never settle for less than you deserve.

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