Monday, February 13, 2012

Cat and Mouse

Following up on my previous post:

Today I had an interesting discussion with my lunch cohort.  I eat with the same 4 gentlemen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Each of these young men is very different than the others and tends to present a unique perspective on life.  Some one brought up Valentine's day (typical) and one of them instantly had the "I hate Valentine's day" response.  The other interjected today was the best day to pick up women, since they'd all be desperate to not spend tomorrow alone.  Another one talked about how he was going out to dinner tonight with his best female friend (no one likes to be alone right?).  And the last one reminisced on old girlfriends he had.

What an odd spectrum.

We then had a chat about men chasing woman.  My one friend talked about how women need to be straight forward with guys, especially if we weren't into them.  He said that if a guy finds a girl he wants, he won't let it go unless he is convinced that girl is completely 100% not into him, and even then he might still try.  It's like a game of cat and mouse, he loved the chase.  It was fun and exciting.

Being the stubborn girl I am, I slightly objected and said that not every guy would ALWAYS be quite that aggressive to get the girl he wants.  Sometimes guys like you but are just shy and not as forward.  He instantly shot me down.  Crash and burn style.  He said no.  If a guys really likes or really wants a girl.  He will always pursue them.  Maybe not as directly as some others.  But he will DEFINITELY try.

Joy, now I just feel like half the guys in my life I may have slightly liked and thought felt the same way were just not that into me.  I never want to be 'that' girl who throws herself at men.  I want to be pursued just like everyone else.  Time to be patient and wait for the right person instead of being ok with the first person who pays attention.  Never settle <3

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